UCLA | Drake Stadium

Drake Track Stadium at UCLA will host the 11-A-Side Football (Soccer) competitions for the 2015 World Games.


340 N Charles E. Young Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Drake Stadium is an 11,700-capacity stadium in Los Angeles, California used by UCLA soccer and athletics. The track stadium was built in 1969.  Drake Stadium is the home of UCLA’s track and field, and soccer teams. The stadium became the official home of Bruin track and field in 1969, while soccer made the move to Drake Stadium in 2000. In 1973, it was officially named Drake Stadium in honor of a legend at UCLA, Elvin C. “Ducky” Drake, who had been associated with UCLA as a student-athlete, track coach and athletic trainer for over 60 years.


  • Football (Soccer) 11-A-Side

Venue Facts

  • The grass infield of Drake Stadium is named Marshall Field.
  • Widely considered one of the finest playing surfaces in the country, Marshall Field is a 75-yard by 120-yard football (soccer) surface.
  • The track has been converted from a conventional American 400-yard eight-lane oval with a 106-degree radius turn to a new European 400-meter nine-lane (48” width lane) with a 136 degree radius on the turn.

Useful Information

  • Spectator Entrance: Southeast corner of the Stadium off of Bruin Walk, next to Intramural Field.
  • Please note that 11-A-Side and 5-A-Side Football (Soccer) will be hosted at UCLA. 7-A-Side Football (Soccer) will be hosted at Balboa Sports Center.
  • Drake Stadium is easily accessible by public transportation.
  • All sport competitions are free and open to the public to attend.

Accessbility/ADA Information

  • Drake Stadium is fully ADA compliant (bathrooms, ramps, etc.).
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