The LA2015 App!


April 16 marks the official 100 Days Away countdown to the World Games! As part of the celebration, we’re inviting you to download our new LA2015 app, the fun, new way for you to keep in touch and join the global community.

Join thousands of World Games fans and show the world that acceptance and inclusion are what Special Olympics is all about!

Step 1: Download the app and register via Facebook (or your email address).

Step 2: Check into the “Join the Circle” event in the app.

Step 3: Start a post, snap your photo and add the built-in Circle of Inclusion photo filter.

Step 4: Submit your post. It will appear as a post in the “Join the Circle” event stream, so there’s just one more step!

Step 5: Find your post in the event stream and share your post on Facebook or Twitter.

Here are some other things you can do in the app:

Receive important notifications, follow other World Games app users, make friends and message them personally.

Join the conversation in forums.

Get event information (with the ability to bookmark the events you plan to attend), and easy access to all things World Games.

…. and more!

Download the free World Games App on via Google Play or iTunes.

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