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The world is coming! And as many as 100 Host Towns will play a very vital part in welcoming the World Games delegations to Southern California.


Before a single one of the 7,000 Special Olympics athletes competes at the 2015 World Games, Special Olympics delegations from around the world will be treated to three memorable days of recreation, entertainment, and cultural exchange at their Host Towns. At their Host Towns, delegations of athletes and coaches from around the world will be welcomed and celebrated. The schedule of events will include getting to know community members, taking part in cultural activities unique to each area, and practicing and resting for the World Games. As many as 100 communities across Southern California are signing up to serve as Host Towns in this pre-Games celebration, scheduled to take place from July 21 to July 24, 2015. The Special Olympics athletes will feel truly celebrated and Host Town members will make friends for life.

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