Finding The Best Exercise Machine That Won’t Disturb The Household

When you are immersed in a workout on your fitness machine at home, you might not always be aware of how much noise is generated. You could end up creating quite the symphony of beeps from the console, squeaks from any worn or cheap parts and all kinds of other noises.

While you may be able to ignore most of this, it might not be so easy for other people in your household. Those rhythmic noises, bangs on the floor above or overheard playlists can be annoying. This is especially true if you get up before everyone else to workout. So, what can you do to minimize the risk of a noisy workout?

2 Treadmills and 2 EllipticalsWhat noises will the exercise machine make that could prove to be annoying?

The first thing to consider is the amount of noise made by the machine itself. You might be surprised at the range of sounds that can come from them. It doesn’t matter if you have a treadmill, exercise bike or any other type of machine, they can all have too much to say for themselves. It can all start when you turn the machine on and are greeted by all of the different beeps and other noises as it wakes itself up. Those beeps may continue when you push the buttons to change the settings. A rapid-fire approach to changing the intensity for a HIIT session could get annoying.

Then there is the risk of noise from the mechanisms within the machines – the drive shafts, belts and flywheels that should allow the machines to run smoothly. Some cheaper models may have a bit of squeak or a whine at the higher settings that can be frustrating to listen to. The squeaks and creaks could also come from the construction of the machines if the frames are poorly made or there isn’t much stability.

So how can you try and find a quieter exercise machine for your home?

Always check consumer feedback about the noise generated by a model – whether that means sounds from the software or issues with the construction. The company isn’t going to talk about this but consumers are quick to highlight any annoying sound. They are also a great way of judging the impact of the machine on the rest of the household. They will take a star off of their review if the machine woke their partner or disrupted their TV viewing.

Of course, you could look at a machine that doesn’t use power at all. There are machines with very basic consoles and some, such as the wooden water rowers, that are practically silent.

Be careful when using any of the media features on your exercise machine

A great way to motivate yourself for a more full-on workout is to make use of any entertainment features such as the music system or the media shelf. You can listen to a great playlist or watch an episode of a box set. There is the temptation to ramp up the volume to immerse yourself in the music or drama and forget the burn of the workout. But, this might not be appreciated by other people in the household. Where possible, try and listen through headphones when you need to be as quiet as possible.

Another option to reconsider the placement of the exercise machine in your home

Where are you working out each day? Are you confined to your bedroom because of a lack of space and therefore at risk of waking up your partner if you get too noisy? Or, or you working out in your living room on a hard floor? If you are working out on a hard floor, you have to be aware of the amount of noise made and the impact on those on the floor below. This could be family members downstairs or it could disturb your neighbors. They might not appreciate this every day, especially early in the morning.

If you have no choice but to use a machine on a hard floor, or maybe even an uneven floor, there are things that you can do to improve things. Firstly, you can put a mat down underneath the machine to stabilize things and soften any noise. It might also be worth looking to see if there are stabilizing feet on your machine. This will help you minimize any wobbles and keep it in place on the floor.

Another consideration here is the process of setting up the machine for the workout. If your machine is in storage during the day then there is the additional noise and hassle of getting it into place. A squeaky transport wheel or creaking folding mechanism isn’t going to make you popular first thing in the morning. Where possible, consider setting everything up the night before to minimize any disturbance. This can also help you with any motivation issues to know that you don’t have to do anything but get started on your workout.

If you can’t change where you workout or reduce the noise, change the time of your workout

This isn’t the best option when you have a clear workout plan in place and you can work out at your best at a certain time of day. But, if your machine and your approach are consistently distracting or annoying for others, it might be time to switch things up. Can you find time to work out when there is no-one else at home? Does your partner leave for work earlier or get home later than you? Is there an evening each week where the kids are out and you have the chance to enjoy a longer workout in peace?

Try and be as considerate as possible

If your family members have complained about the noise generated from your workouts and exercise machines, try and find a way to compromise with them for an effective solution. Try and set up your machine in the best place possible while cushioning the noise. Be a little more conscientious of the noise from your media and console. If you are looking for a new exercise machine to make things better, check the user reviews to find a quiet machine.

andrew6906Finding The Best Exercise Machine That Won’t Disturb The Household