Can You Lose Weight Using A Rowing Machine?

Many people will look for an exercise machine that will offer them the fastest possible route to weight loss. They want to see the pounds disappear as quickly as possible and get some form of instant gratification for their purchase. This is overly optimistic because all the best regimes for fitness and weight loss take time. However, there is no reason why you can’t create an effective plan and see noticeable results with some of the most basic machines. This includes the rowing machine.

Exercising on Concept 2 RowersRowing machines are a fantastic tool for fitness and are seen as one of the best cardio machines out there. You can build a steady rhythm at just the right resistance level to get your heart rate up and get your muscles working. This can mean more of a full-body workout than you might expect because of the impact on the arms, legs and the ab muscles. So how can this be a better way to weight loss than some of the other machines that you can get for the home?

Weight loss requires a machine you can use each day with ease

First of all, you have to look at the bigger picture of your weight loss story. You need a machine that you can use every day with ease and that will provide room for improvement down the line. A rowing machine is a great choice because it is so easy to hop on and off as needed and enjoy the right workout for the day. You can work on a slow and steady rowing session that goes for miles on a medium resistance. You could push your self to sprint through short distances to get those muscle working. There should also be enough settings on the machine to ensure that whatever your starting point, you can increase either the intensity, the distance or the reach of the stroke. There is always some little way to tweak things for a better result.

Add in some HIIT for improved results

One way that you can try to do this with the potential for even better results is to bring HIIT into your rowing workout. This means creating a program where you use short sessions of high intensity and low intensity to push the heart rate and the metabolism further. Many fitness fanatics find that this is the perfect way to get results if they do so in a safe way. The great thing about a rowing machine is that you don’t simply have to do this by changing the intensity on the resistance. Smart machines might have a HIIT program that allows you to do this but, otherwise, it can be tricky to keep switching back and forth manually. That is why many people prefer spin bikes for HIIT. Yet, there is the chance to alter the stroke rate and the reach as you row. You can spend 30 seconds physically picking up the pace by pushing yourself harder or find a way to extend your legs and arms further in that period. Then you can have a session where you cool down.

Track your data

The issue of the HIIT programming brings up a key point about the type of programming that you can get on these machines. Some rowers are quite basic with little more than data. It is up to you how smart it needs to be. Then there is the fact that this sort of machine is actually pretty good for burning calories because it targets all those muscles and lets users work out for a long as they need. You can push yourself to burn off those cheat day meals or sneaky snacks that you are struggling to give up. The more calories you burn on a regular occasion, the better the chance of getting the result that you want. One of the great things about the consoles of some of the best rowing machines for home use is that they do actually show the calories burned as part of their data – alongside the distance, stroke rate and time elapsed. This means you can work a session on the rower into your plan if you are keen to count calories and balance things out.

Always balance your fitness regime with the right diet

This is where it is important to stress that the best results with any machine, including these rowing machines, always occur when you combine the exercise regime with the right diet. This will help you to lose weight faster. Think about what you consume before and after working out. Keep a bottle of water beside the water or, better yet, some green tea to boost your metabolism even further.

Tone the core as you lose weight

Finally, there is another benefit to choosing a rower over some other machines. When you work out on this machine you will be working your core muscles and abs a little bit too – more than on a treadmill. The work you do here will help tone the area and sculpt the body. This means that even if the weight loss is slower than you might like, you might still get slightly more noticeable results because of this additional benefit.

Finding the right machine

If you decide that you do want to use a rowing machine for your journey to weight loss then you need to find the right model. The first thing to look at is the range of intensity settings. Is there enough resistance here to push you into sweating out all the toxin and burning those calories? Does the console offer clear helpful data on those calories, your stroke rate and time elapsed? Is there any memory in a user profile to help you log this progress? Also, make sure that the machine is comfortable enough for those longer rowing sessions with a long enough rail for a full range of motion.

Find a machine that you know can be a companion for a long time and commit to a long-term weight loss regime. With perseverance and good form, you can lose weight with a rowing machine.

andrew6906Can You Lose Weight Using A Rowing Machine?